Ingress is an end-to-end reporting solution offering dependable merchant reporting and on-boarding to various platforms. Our products and services strictly adhere to PCI processing standards. EMV migration and PCI security Standards including encryption, eCommerce, mCommerce and e-wallet ongoing platform developments, a state of the art reporting technology offering ideal services for any partner.

Merchant Boarding
Account Activation Status
Multi-Platform Boarding
System Recording Sync
CRM data carried to Processor
Real-Time with Front-End and Back-End Processors

POS Downloads
Download Management
Templates and Parameters
Web-Based Interface
User Access Control

Agent CRM and Payouts
Real-Time Dashboard, CRM, leads and Opp. Management
Online Application Submissions
Residual Approvals, Streamlined Reporting
Multiple Hierarchies-Overrides and Bonus Reporting and Tracking
Residual Aggregation
General Ledger Account Correspondence

Merchant Applications
Graphical Dashboard
Rate Templates
Portfolio Management
Automatic Data Flow

Risk and Underwriting
Underwriting Workflow
Merchant Boarding Tools
Ticketing System
Risk Analysis
Merchant Retention